The mission of the Academic Standing Committee is to rule on petitions for exceptions to academic policies, to track students’ progress toward graduation, and to adjudicate cases of suspected academic dishonesty.


Faculty: Three faculty members serve this committee. Each are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a three year term. One faculty member is selected to chair the committee.

Staff: Four staff members serve in an ex officio capacity. They include an Associate Dean of the College, two Associate Deans of Students, and the College Registrar, who serves as the Coordinator and Convener.

Students: Three student-at-large positions are appointed by the Carleton Student Association each spring to serve during the upcoming academic year. 

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members

The committee does not request any particular skills or experience.

Committee Work

The committee meets weekly during the term (Monday from 3:15-4:30 p.m.).  A separate Academic Review meeting takes place a few days after grades have been submitted each term.  Meeting agendas are determined by the Convener. The committee is a subcommittee of the Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC) and reports updates to that group when requested. For more information on Academic Regulations and Procedures, please visit the College Handbook.