The College Benefits Committee (CBC) is charged with monitoring benefits for all non-union employees of Carleton.  Specifically, the committee is responsible for:

  • Communicating clearly and comprehensively with non-union employees at the College regarding the background and issues relating to benefit package contents and decisions;
  • Discussing the philosophy of benefit packaging, suggesting clarifications or changes to the philosophy, as specified by the College, and guiding the design of the benefit package;
  • Evaluating the existing benefit package in terms of the specified goals of the College;
  • Recommending the creation of new or replacement benefits and/or the elimination of existing benefits.  In addition the committee will recommend employer/employee contribution rates for existing programs.


Faculty: Two faculty members serve this committee. Each are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a three-year term.

Staff: Four staff members serve this committee. Two staff members represent the non-exempt staff and two represent the exempt staff. One non-exempt member is elected by the Staff at Carleton (SAC) and one exempt member is elected by the Forum. The Forum representative will serve a five-year renewable term and the SAC representative will serve a three-year renewable term. The remaining non-exempt and exempt staff members are appointed by the President’s Office. These positions have no term limit and are appointed on an as-needed basis.

Three additional staff members serve the committee in an ex officio, non-voting capacity. These include the Director of Human Resources, the Benefits Manager and the Benefits Coordinator.

Students: There are no students serving on this committee.

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members

The committee does not require any preferred skills or experience, however, an interest in the benefits package is welcomed.

Committee Work

The Benefits Committee meets as necessary and its agendas are determined mostly by the benefits renewal process timeline.  The committee also receives agenda items and requests from various other campus committees.

The Tuesday Group hears from the Benefits Committee prior to the annual renewal process.  The committee also communicates to the campus community through Quarterly meetings, SAC and Forum meetings, Carleton Weekly, and all-campus emails.