The Bookstore Advisory Committee provides a forum for dialogue between students, faculty and staff about any activities or topics related to the Carleton Bookstore. The discussions by this body are used to assess and create product and service adjustments and improvements throughout the Bookstore. 


Faculty: No faculty members serve on this committee.

Staff: Four members serve this committee. The Director of the Bookstore and the Director of Auxiliary Services & Special Projects serve in an ex officio capacity. The two other staff positions are filled by one representative from the exempt staff and one representative from the non-exempt staff. Each of the two appointed staff members will serve a two-year term.

Students: Two students are appointed by the Carleton Student Association (CSA). Each student will serve an at-large position. Two additional students are selected by the Director of the Bookstore from the roster of Bookstore student workers.

Committee Work

The Bookstore Advisory Committee meets once per term for a one-hour meeting.  The committee’s meeting agenda is compiled and distributed by the Director of the Bookstore, but all members can suggest agenda items.  While there is no formal communication to the campus from the committee, the committee’s work is shared as appropriate through the Director of the Bookstore and the Director of Auxiliary Services & Special Projects.

Committee meetings are publicized in advance on the Carleton Events Calendar and meetings are open to any member of the Carleton community.