The Junior Faculty Affairs Committee (JFAC) aims to create a sense of community and support network for non-tenured faculty at Carleton. JFAC serves both tenure track and visiting faculty by organizing social events and meetings to share information among peers about creating a successful path at Carleton and in academia at large.


Three faculty serve on this committee. The chair is chosen through the spring election process. The other two faculty positions are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members

While the committee does not request any particular skills or experience, it is helpful if members represent different peer groups.

Committee Work

There is usually a planning meeting at the beginning of each term, during which future meetings and events are discussed and scheduled. The agenda for other meetings often focus on the planning for a single event. The committee serves to listen to junior faculty concerns and reflect them to the appropriate parties. It also provides a junior faculty voice to the Faculty Affairs Committee when requested.