The Off-Campus Studies Committee responsibilities include:

  • Offering counsel to the Off-Campus Studies Office in fulfilling its mission;
  • Educating faculty on the costs and benefits of starting an Off-Campus Studies (OCS) program.  This can include soliciting new OCS programs, managing program curriculum formulation by assisting faculty, managing recruitment with faculty and reviewing the program post-hoc;
  • Reviewing student requests for non-Carleton programs in consultation with faculty and the Registrar;
  • Reviewing faculty requests for exploratory funding for potential programs and sit preparation for extant programs;
  • Assisting faculty in implementation of rules on OCS programs for the benefit of all students and the College;
  • Assisting Off-Campus Studies staff in managing a multi-year cycle of programs to maximize student opportunity and faculty/department efficiency.


Faculty: There are three faculty members serving this committee. Each is appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a three-year term. One faculty member is selected to be the chair of the committee.

Staff: Six staff serve on the committee, each in an ex officio capacity. They include the Assistant Comptroller, an Associate Dean of the College, an Associate Dean of Students, the Associate Registrar, the Director of Off-Campus Studies, and the Off-Campus Studies Program Coordinator.

Students: No students serve on this committee.

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members

It is helpful for faculty members to have experience in administering or staffing an off-campus program, or to have faculty who plan to do so in the very near future.

Committee Work

The Off-Campus Studies Committees is a subcommittee of the Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC) that makes advisory recommendations to the Dean of the College on an OCS program and makes at least one report annually to the ECC. Meeting agendas are set by the Off-Campus Studies staff, in consultation with the faculty chair.  The committee communicates regularly with faculty through electronic announcements and workshops. They reach out to students through print and electronic means. To learn more about Off-Campus studies please visit the OCS website.