The Student Fellowships Committee participates in the evaluation of applications for both Carleton-funded fellowships and national/international opportunities such as Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright. The committee reads application materials, interviews students and identifies nominees for external awards, and advises the Director of Student Fellowships on policy and procedures. In addition, the Student Fellowships Committee oversees the Carleton Honors in Independent Study program under the guidance of the Associate Dean of the College.


Faculty: The committee consists of eight faculty members, each appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee to serve a three-year term. It is important for this committee to include representation from the arts, humanities, languages, sciences and social sciences. 

Staff: The Director of Student Fellowships serves on this committee in an ex officio capacity and serves as Chair and Convener.

Students: No students serve on this committee.

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members

An interest in writing, particularly grant and application writing is helpful.

Committee Work

The committee meets frequently during the first half of Fall Term and sporadically at other points during the year. Timing and agendas are set according to fellowship deadlines.

The Director of Fellowships communicates application results yearly to the Dean of the College, the President and other relevant parties.