The Committee on Student Life (CSL) is constituted as an advisory committee to the Dean of Students to address issues specifically concerning student life and to help develop policies for review by College Council or the Board of Trustees.


The Dean of Students (or their designee) will serve as chair with the assistance of a student co-chair. There will be a total of six student members. The student co-chair will be elected by the student body, the CSA Senate will send two of its members, and Residential Life will appoint one Resident Assistant. A CSA committee will select two others, one of whom must represent the first-year class. An Associate Dean of Students and one faculty member, elected at-large by the faculty for a two-year term, will complete the committee.


The Committee on Student Life will meet regularly and publish minutes of its meetings. Upon the initiative of either the CSL or the CSA Senate, issues under discussion at CSL may be brought to CSA Senate for reaction or ratification. Given the legal accountability of the Dean of Students, however, the final decision on any matter before the CSL must rest with the Dean rather than with the CSL or the CSA Senate.