The Learning and Teaching Center and Writing Advisory Committee will be creating a more complete charter during their first few meetings.


Faculty: Five faculty serve this committee. There will be three co-chairs: The Director of the Learning and Teaching Center, the Director of the College Writing Program, and a Faculty member appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC). Two additional faculty members, representing different divisions, will be appointed by the FAC.

Staff: Staff members are being determined.

Students: No students serve on this committee.

Committee Work

The committee will be four to six times per term.  The faculty co-chair will meet with the directors of the Learning and Teaching Center and the College Writing Program at the beginning of each term to set a calendar for committee meetings.  The agenda for each meeting will be set by the relevant program director.  The committee will report to the Education and Curriculum Committee.  The co-chairs are expected to submit an annual report summarizing the committee’s work.