Faculty Seminars

Intellectual life at Carleton is the most engaged and productive when faculty scholars are debating new ideas that infuse both their teaching and their research. We encourage these integrative connections through Faculty Research Seminars, a multidisciplinary effort that promotes excellence and innovation in scholarship, and then extends the resulting intellectual excitement to the rest of the campus through a public forum.

Student Research Partnerships

Student-Faculty collaboration is a centerpiece of the Humanities Center’s programming. We support about a dozen Student Research Partners per year; these bring together students and professors who engage in collaborative work that enhances the faculty member’s scholarship while providing mentoring and experience to the student.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities projects are proliferating at Carleton as faculty members integrate more digital technologies into their research and teaching. Our Digital Humanities Associates are a group of undergraduate students who receive training in DH methods and theory and help faculty integrate digital scholarship into their classroom curricula.

Community Outreach

The Humanities Center seeks to build and maintain connections with other institutions and individuals in Northfield and beyond. We sponsor many events that reach out to the local community, and we are working to build more links with other humanities organizations.