The Carleton Instrument Shop provides mechanical design and build services to meet your teaching, learning, and research apparatus needs. The Instrument Shop is part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy but is available to all academic departments — not just the sciences.

Need a part but don’t know how to make it?

We can help with that. The shop is very well equipped and we can make most anything. We work in wood, metal and plastic, paper, fabric, and glass. We like a challenge.

Want to make something yourself?

We have a nicely appointed shop just for that. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

Have only a vague idea of what you need?

That’s our favorite thing. We call it “Early Involvement” and it lets us start thinking about how your apparatus will be made while it’s being designed. We’ll use 3D solid modeling tools to work out the design before making any parts.


We can fix it.

To get started, call, email, or just stop by.