A resource for workplace concerns for faculty and staff

The role of Carleton’s Ombudsman is to offer options for problem solving and conflict resolution. These options will vary depending on the issue. The Ombudsman assists employees by listening objectively to concerns related to working at Carleton College. This role was created to provide employees with a comfortable place to discuss problems or concerns, de-escalate issues, and improve working relationships.

The Ombudsman role includes:

  • Coaching for individuals to resolve problems on their own
  • Listening and discussing questions, concerns and complaints
  • Assisting with generating possible options for resolution; weighing pros and cons
  • Assisting with interpreting College policies and procedures
  • Referrals to appropriate individuals or offices
  • Referrals to formal grievance when appropriate or when informal processes have been exhausted

The Ombudsman role does not include:

  • Providing legal advice
  • Determining guilt or wrongdoing of anyone involved
  • Psychological counseling or therapy
  • Adjudicating or participating in formal grievance processes

The main objective of this role is to assist faculty and staff with their concerns. In addition, the Ombudsman is an avenue for employees to bring forward concerns or issues that campus leadership may not be aware of or fully understand. This resource will have a dotted reporting line to the Vice President & Treasurer. While not a substitute for normal channels of communication, it can serve as a vital alternative when something is not surfacing in other more established ways.