QRC Graphic

Come to the QRC for help with:

Communicating quantitatively

  • Reading graphs or basic statistics in literature
  • Creating graphs, tables, and other charts
  • Writing with numbers

Math foundation for non-mathematics classes

  • Fractions, ratios, percentages
  • Logarithms, exponents

Statistical software

  • R, RStudio, RStudio Cloud
  • Excel, Google Sheets
  • Statistical analysis for comps *new

Quantitative data

  • Importing and merging data sets
  • Finding and exploring a data set
  • Data visualization

I need help with numbers! Where can I go?

QRC Flowchart

Academic Technologists: Email At@carleton.edu

Data Librarian: Make an appointment

DataSquad: Make an appointment

GIS Lab: Email Wei-Hsin at wfu@carleton.edu

Math Skills Center: Check the MSC calendar and email a tutor

QRC: Drop into QRC office hours Tue + Fri 2:00-4:00 CST

Statistics Comps Consultant: Find Nobu on the calendar and make an appointment

Stats Lab: Check the schedule and join a session