COVID-19 Update:

As part of our collective effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we have carefully considered whether to offer our summer programs for high school students and AP teachers as planned.

Please visit the following pages for detailed updates on our summer operations:

APSI Updates

Pre-College Updates

For updates and information about Carleton College as a whole, visit Carleton’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page.

The Carleton Summer Liberal Arts Institute is a summer learning community dedicated to bridging the gap between K-12 and a liberal arts undergraduate education.

AP® Summer Institute

With 40 years of experience offering AP® educators professional development and networking opportunities, Carleton College is proud to continue hosting our APSI in 2020. We aim to provide a collaborative environment of on-campus living, high-quality instruction, and the opportunity to create new partnerships with other educators and share resources for curriculum development.


The Carleton Summer Liberal Arts Institute (SLAI) is a summer learning community built for high school students to explore the liberal arts at a small, top 10, private, residential liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. Through SLAI, summer Carls will discover dedicated faculty, supportive peers, a world-class educational environment, and the flexibility to chart their own path through engaging activities and college-level academics.

Summer opportunities range from course offerings that explore the Arts and Humanities to those investigating the Social and Natural Sciences. Each course is designed to give students exposure to three topic areas, unified under one theme, and a research experience guided by the #1 ranked faculty in the nation.